Reviewing Dining Options For A Wedding Reception

Wedding receptions require a full meal for the guests and offer specialty dessert selections. Planning a reception requires catering services to prepare and deliver the couple’s preferred meal. Reviewing dining options for a wedding reception helps couples get everything they need for their big day.

Choosing the Main Entree

Choosing the main entree helps the planner coordinate the event and set up everything for the reception. Couples are provided with several entree selections for their big day. Typically, for a wedding reception, the couple has up to two selections for their guests, and guests can designate what entree they want. It helps the couple calculate how much they need for each entree for the reception.

What Sides are More Ideal for the Reception?

Choosing sides for the meal determine how well the guests will enjoy the meal. Considering it is a wedding reception, it is recommended that couples choose side dishes that are less messy considering most guests will be in formal wear. Reviewing the selections helps couples find the most ideal side dishes.

Does the Couple Want Additional Dessert Choices?

At a wedding reception, the wedding and groom’s cakes are the gold standard dessert choices. However, couples are limited to just the two cakes for their reception. The couple can add more dessert choices for the reception and give their guests more choices. Reviewing the entire dessert menu allows the couple to choose as many desserts as they would like for their reception.

Coordinating With Other Vendors

Coordinating with other vendors helps the caterer avoid issues that could slow down the setup for the event. It is recommended that the couples schedule the deliveries to prevent delays and make sure that all vendors are aware of each other and when they should be inside the venue. The caterers set up in a kitchen area of the venue typically and enter through back entries.

Wedding receptions require couples to make choices about what entrees and sides they want. Catering services provide a full menu for wedding receptions and offer delivery on the day of the event. Couples who want to learn more about their menu options contact catering services in Singapore now.