High quality second-hand stuff

You may have challenging working days, many people now commute in the evening, children, if you pick them up in a company or kindergarten, always remain in the facility almost until the closing hours. You're probably sorry, and you don't want them to stand by the window and look out for you. Try advertising for free and have an advertisement for a substitute grandmother or aunt who will pick them up for you, work together to do the tasks, and wait at home with the prepared school.

So, thanks to free ads, you will lose everyday stress, when you have the remorse that your child is always the last in the device, you will not be worried if you can catch the opening hours. You are also not expecting a marathon in the form of challenging shopping in the child's company, home preparation of dinner and hastful school preparation.

New family member

This way, you can get your free home power through advertising for a non-payment, enough maybe your new helper will grow to heart and become a full member of the family.

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