Elegant kitchen cabinets

Are you considering buying a new kitchen line? Have you ever heard of work zones in the kitchen? No? That's a big mistake. It wants a pencil and a piece of paper and start drawing. Where will I process raw materials? Do I have a sink to rinse vegetables or run through the whole kitchen? What about the stove or hob? Aren't you more of a nuisance? Working zones in the kitchen should have such continuity, so that the person during cooking does not run too much and wasted no time and nerves.
If you are placing furniture in the nursery, you are trying to make the most functional and economical arrangement. Proper assembly of the kitchen line is subject to similar laws. If you arrange the kitchen unit errously, without the logic and proper continuity of the individual work zones, you will cease the boisting activity of cooking fun.
We will help you solve the work zones of your kitchen
Pay attention to the work area when arranging your kitchen line!

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