Do you have a perfect bathroom?

And you also have everything you need there? Or just the foundation you think is all you can have in your bathroom. Sometimes there are lockers that conceal both towels and towel, or even pajamas. Other times, there are only drawers with cosmetics or cabinets with sanitary equipment. The basis of course is a mirror, so that we can see each other well. There are also some towel racks and towels that we constantly need. Someone has a bathtub, another shower or both, or each of them depends on how much space you have in this room and what space you can dispose of. For example, it is useful to have floor heating to shake your feet when you climb out of hot water. With the hair dryer on the wall you will also know the advice, always at hand, when you need a little or more to dry your hair.
Warm colours
The bathrooms are decorated in blue, but still pink. Someone likes warm colors, so there is no problem to give yellow, the other chooses more suitable to brown to avoid the visibility of dirt or deposits. If you are planning to have children, you must also think about them and make sure they reach everything in advance.

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